The Center for Plant and Microbial Complex Carbohydrates, funded by the US Department of Energy , operates as a national resource for the study of complex carbohydrates.

The DOE Center provides service and training to academic, government, and industrial researchers who study the complex carbohydrates of plants and of microbes that interact with plants. A range of services are offered to academic, government and industrial researchers. Scientists who request analytical services receive a written report containing a description of:

(i) the analytical procedures used

(ii) publishable quality results (data) of the analyses of their samples

(iii) an authoritative interpretation of the results.

CCRC personnel also provide collaborative service by becoming deeply involved in scientific research projects with individuals from other laboratories. CCRC personnel consult with external scientists thereby helping the scientists address specific analytical problems or interpretation of data.

The CCRC 's web site provides freely accessible, Internet-searchable databases assisting in aspects of carbohydrate science and a scheduler ( FACES ) for shared use of instrumentation.

The CCRC , upon request, can also provide researchers with selected chemical and biological samples.

Training students and scientists in all aspects of carbohydrate science is a important part of the CCRC 's mission. Much of the training occurs when undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scientists undertake research projects with or take formal courses from CCRC faculty and staff. In addition, annual one-week training courses are offered for individuals from academic institutions, government laboratories, and private industry.