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Bacterial Polysaccharides
Biomass and Bioenergy
Carbohydrate Synthesis and Chemical Biology
Computational Simulations
Conformational Analysis
Enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism
Glycoconjugates in Animal Development, Disease and Cancer
Glycoconjugates in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Mass Spectrometry
NMR Spectroscopy
Plant Cell Walls
Plant Polysaccharides - Biosynthesis, Structure, and Function
Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions
Signal Transduction in Plants
Glycoconjugates in Host-Pathogen Interactions

Carl Bergmann Fungal pectin-degrading enzymes and their plant-derived inhibitors
Russell W Carlson Molecular basis of the interaction between a bacterium and its plant or animal host
Michael G Hahn Glucan-associated signal transduction in legumes; immunological studies of plant cell walls
Robert J Woods The relationships between the conformations of carbohydrate molecules and biological recognition and activity