CarboSource Services is an NSF initiated endeavor currently partially supported by the DOE funded Center For Plant and Microbial Complex Carbohydrates at the University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center  

Initiated in 2001 by NSF Grant# MCB0090281

Supported since 2008 by DOE Grant# DE-FG02-93ER20097



CarboSource Services was created through the National Science Foundation and the efforts of K.Keegstra(PI), D.Mohnen(Co-PI), and a Steering Committee (SC) comprised of like minded scientists, to become part of the Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Research Network. 

Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Research Network Objectives
1.  Create and maintain a web site to serve as an information resource for researchers studying
     plant cell wall biosynthesis. 
2.  Coordinate and partially support the acquisition of substrates needed for polysaccharide
     biosynthesis as well as for other enzymes involved in the overall process of plant cell wall 
3.  Develop a mechanism for the exchange of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers
     between laboratories that use different techniques to study plant cell wall biosynthesis. 
4.  Organize and provide partial support for small workshop-symposia to develop and define
     the goals and direction for wall biosynthesis research for the next decade. 
5.  Establish a group that will suggest nomenclature rules for the naming of authentic plant cell
     wall biosynthetic genes and mutants. 

Steering Committee Members

K.G. Keegstra


MSU-DOE Plant Research Lab

D. Mohnen


UGA Complex Carbohydrate Research Center

T. Bacic


The University of Melbourne

D. Cosgrove


Penn State University

H. Höfte


Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Versailles

C. Somerville


Carnegie Institiute of Washington

M. Tierney


University of Vermont

D. Delmer


Past member; The Rockefeller Foundation